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“A Healer in Every Home” is the title of my nationwide campaign focused on teaching people about energy healing. The subtitle is how to heal yourself and your family which clarifies the focus of this one day training. This year I am traveling all over America to teach people about the benefits of energy healing and the basics of how to become an energy healer through A Healer in Every Home. 

A healthy home is the building block of a healthy society. Imagine if we could teach people about energy healing and duplicate and multiply A Healer in Every Home across America and around the world.

“Place the oxygen mask over your face first”

Healing always begins with me. Most of us have some amount of blocked energy, which may manifest as physical illness, disease, pain or emotional issues. We may be aware of this blocked energy or it may be hidden from us. In either case, we always begin by healing ourselves first. As we clear our blocked energy and learn how to be healers, then we can begin to effectively help and heal our families. As I’ve written about previously, it is extremely powerful for our children to have at least one energy healer in the home.

A Healer in Every Home is a one day workshop and training where we cover basic energy healing, energy hygiene, how to heal yourself and your family, how to flow energy, distance healing for your children at school, spousal support and healing.

Please contact me directly @ 206.734.5112 or akiko@akikohull.com to learn more about upcoming workshops, to schedule a healing session or contact me if you’d like to help organize a workshop in your area.