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Pets benefit from energy healing too! Pets are actually easier to heal than humans. They have fewer concepts and tend to be more open than most people.

Many years ago I learned about pet healing in a very personal way. My daughter’s dog Misty, a tiny white Bichon Maltese, had a cancerous growth on her eye. It was growing fast and looked nasty. We scheduled Misty for surgery. Her appointment was two weeks away and I started energy healing on her twice a day. Misty responded well. She would relax and fall asleep while I worked on her cancer. After about a week, I could visibly see improvement. Encouraged, I kept working. Two days before Misty’s scheduled appointment her growth was nearly gone. I cancelled her vet appointment and continued healing her for a few more days. The growth completely disappeared and has never returned. Contact me directly if you have questions or if you’d like more information on energy healing for pets @ 206.734.5112 or akiko@akikohull.com