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Everything is energy. We learn this simple phrase in science class, yet it doesn’t sink in. Most of us resist it with all our might, with all our…energy. The material world rules and we must see it to believe it. We trust only that which we can touch. We live in a material world.

But here’s the thing: everything really is made of energy; our whole material existence is, in fact, a relationship of energy. Science teaches that our solid material universe is made up of mostly empty spinning space, with a few quarks, gluons, and particles thrown in – and even those are just another layer of energy relationships too. Einstein explained it with his now famous equation E=MC2. He explained that matter and energy are fully interchangeable.

Evolution of Medicine

Early physicians practiced “blood letting” as a method to release disease. They used sharp knives and leeches to extract bad blood. Eventually, doctors developed lobotomies and electro-shock therapy to cure mental illness. Today, we attack cancer with powerful chemicals and radiation. But how can we address the subtler underlying energy source and get at the root of illness and disease?

Tipping Point

Fortunately we are at a tipping point. Today, various alternative therapies and healing modalities are being incorporated into traditional medicine. Meditation and visualization are being combined with cancer treatments. Hypertension is being treated with healthy diet and organic food. In some progressive hospitals, Reiki and energy healers are working alongside nurses and doctors.

Healing Energy

As we learn more about the energetic foundation of life and disease, we are also discovering that we have access to healing energy. Healing energy is a natural part of the life force. It pushes against entropy, decay and the 2nd law of thermodynamics to heal, generate, regenerate and create new life. Healing energy is a natural part of our energetic system of existence.

Consider this simple analogy. The sun pours solar energy down upon us. It lights and warms our planet. We all benefit from the heat and illumination. However, for solar radiation to be most effective it must be focused, targeted and converted. Plants utilize photosynthesis to convert the sun’s energy into food. Solar panels utilize the photovoltaic effect to convert solar radiation into electricity.

Healing energy is a bit like this. While life force and healing energy surrounds and infuses everything, for it to be most effective it needs to be focused, targeted and converted with energy healing.

Energy Healing

That’s what I do. As an energy healer, I focus on the energetic aspect of our existence. Through visualization, I focus on the energy body. By scanning, I find and clear blocked energy. Once energy is flowing well, then the whole physical system improves; organs, glands, and the immune system work better.