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“It wasn’t so much that I found energy healing, as energy healing found me.” ~ Akiko

My name is Akiko Sato Hull and I am an Energy Healer. This awareness gradually revealed itself to me about 10 years ago. After a major family move and transition, I began practicing a combination of meditation, yoga and Reiki. Very quickly it became obvious that this turn inward would be much more than just a passing interest or hobby. Each time I meditated, it felt like someone opened a fire hydrant and a powerful stream of energy flowed into me and right through me. My hands would move on their own and I could visualize and scan my energy body. I could visualize where energy was flowing and where it became stuck. I learned how to clear the blocked energy and get it flowing again. During that time I also studied anatomy and physiology books and learned more about our organs and glands. I discovered the places where toxic energy accumulated and tended to get stuck. Continuing to study, I took classes and became a certified Reiki Master. Working on myself, I continued to study and became a certified Reiki teacher.

My healing ability continued to develop.

With my eyes closed, while maintaining a neutral mind, energy flowed and my hands would move and locate any area of blockage or negative energy. With focused attention and by rapidly and repeatedly moving my hands over this affected area, I could clear away the blocked, negative energy and restore normal flow. Every day I would work on myself, clearing away blocked energy, physical and emotional pain.

Next I began healing my daughters.

My husband and I have two daughters. When I started energy healing, they were both active teenagers with all the physical and emotional issues that come along with being teenager. They would call me from school with various physical or emotional issues. For example, “Mom I have cramps, can you do something?!”. I would visualize their energy body and my hands would immediately move to that area of stress and I would heal that area. At dinner, they would report the pain subsided immediately after my healing, and they felt better.

I received frequent calls. They would phone me concerning various headaches, stress, pain, and cramps – all the issues teenage girls experience growing up. By helping them, I realized the power and benefit of energy healing on my family. Removing their blocked and negative energy, their own resilience and immune system would kick in and they would recover quickly.

When my daughters traveled for school or summer programs, I would scan their energy and heal them daily. I healed them as they traveled and studied in Egypt, China, Japan, and Central America. I healed them as they traveled around the U.S. and through Europe. With energy healing there is no distance. Sometimes they would contact me by phone or email with a specific issue. But regardless of communication, I would heal them everyday while they were away from home. It took me only a few minutes and in that short time I could scan their energy body, sense if they had stress or pain and heal that area.

My Husband’s Stress

While I was developing my energy healing ability, my husband had a stressful management job. As the stress built up, he would sometimes return home from work overwhelmed. Eventually he asked me for energy healing. After conducting a healing session on him, he reported it felt as though his stress lifted. He described that it felt as if someone had hit his reset button and he would feel good for a couple weeks. When he noticed his stress building up again, he would ask me for energy healing.  I would conduct a healing session and again he felt reset.

This energy healing for my family was the beginning of the “A Healer In Every Home” campaign and training. I realized in just one day I could teach people the basics of energy healing – how to heal yourself, energy hygiene, how to energize your home and the basics of healing your children and family. 

Healing My Friends

After conducting a lot of energy healing on myself and my family, I started healing my friends. Word began to spread about my ability and effective technique and soon people I didn’t know began phoning. Akiko’s Energy Healing was born through people contacting me. Looking back, it seems like Akiko’s Energy Healing developed almost spontaneously. Through energy healing I discovered who I was and I found my life purpose. I feel deeply grateful that energy healing found me. I am dedicated to sharing the knowledge and teaching energy healing to anyone interested.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about energy healing contact me @ 206.734.5112 or akiko@akikohull.com